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Minutes Before Rain

Our First Monsoon

Written by Benjamin Honeycutt “With reckless abandon I leapt into the rain, and let the downpour wash me away.” One never knows what to expect out of the days here. We had been preparing for a lazy Saturday, […]


Of the Places and People Before Us

Written by Connor Janzen “Every moment of discovery bestows its own point of reflection; a persistent need to continuously remain aware.” We’re learning incredible things in this country. Part of the joy of traveling to a […]


Nepali Customs and Etiquette

Written by Shelby Lemon “They do not eat the same times we do in the United States, though the family we are staying with very kindly altered our eating times to feel more familiar.” Along the […]

From Our Team

Open World In the News

The accomplishments of Open World would be impossible without the brilliant news outlets that have chosen to feature all or a part of our mission. The stories they share help us spread awareness about the cause, and we are proud to feature them here. KAKE News "Buhler Students Raise Money for … [Read More...]

The Story of the Open World Cause

We were recently given the opportunity to write for The Global Classroom Project. Here's our full post. You may visit their website, as well! The following links will allow you to connect with the Open World Cause: Website Facebook Twitter Open World began as a senior legacy project … [Read More...]